Divel d.o.o. Sarajevo - civil engineering services - design, revision, supervision


Revision of Design Documentation represents the third and integral part of the total scope of “Divel” activities, more specifi cally: revision of designs for motorways, revision of designs for main and regional roads, as well as revision of designs for structures (bridges and tunnels). The most signifi cant reference we can boast of as of today is revision of the Main Design of the Motorway, including Bridges and Tunnels as well as the 3-level Butila Interchange, the junction between the Motorway at Corridor Vc, Sarajevo Bypass (Jošanica – Vlakovo) and the city expressway Butila – Babin Kuk (east entrance to Sarajevo from the direction of Višegrad and Pale).

  • Revision of the Main Design: Tunnel “Žaba” at M17.3, section Stolac – Neum.
  • Revision of the Program of Geotechnical Explorations and Testing of Geotechnical Study - Mission G23, block 8 Thermal Power Plant Kakanj.
  • Revision of technical documentation for rehabilitation of the Tunnel “Jasen” near Ustire at the Main Road M-16.2 Bugojno – Jablanica.
  • Revision of the Main Design: Butila Interchange and Reljevo Overpass, Sarajevo Bypass, Lot 1.
  • evision of the Main Design: Sarajevo Bypass (consortium with DDC Ljubljana).
  • Revision of the Main Designs:
    • Reconstruction of the bridge over the River Vrbas in Jajce, Main Road M-5,
    • Bridge over the River Prača at the Main Road M-5, section Hrenovica – Mesići,
    • Bridge over the Ujića rijeka at the Main Road M-18,
    • Bridge over the River Ljubina at M-18, km 96+553,
    • Bridge over the River Ljubina at M-18, km 92+244.