Divel d.o.o. Sarajevo - civil engineering services - design, revision, supervision


Except for three key activities, "Divel" is also engaged in compiling data bases of bridges located within Sarajevo Canton and data bases of bridges located along the F BH Main Roads.

Another major reference for “Divel” is the analysis and optimisation of the Preliminary Design of the Motorway at Corridor Vc; Section: Konjic – Jablanica – Mostar North. As a part of the said analysis, a new Preliminary Design was compiled, completely changing the corridor direction compared to initially approved design solution i.e. along Neretva valley. This resulted in the section in question being shortened by 17 km, and by the same token in 330 million Euros saved during construction and just as much during the exploitation period of 20 years.

Perhaps the full scope of services offered is best illustrated by the Traffic Design of Local Roads in Ilidža Municipality (270 km), by the Study on Moderating Traffic within school zones, as well as by numerous (at the sites of bridges, tunnels and crossroads rehabilitations).

  • Creating the data base of bridges in Canton Sarajevo.
  • Creating the data base of bridges on Main Roads in F BH – survey and amending of data base.
  • Main Design and As-Built Design: reconstruction of tram railroad in Sarajevo, length 1330 m.
  • Professional – Technical Supervision over works execution on construction of residential – business building “Kvadrant 30 P+6” in Sarajevo.
  • Continual professional – technical supervision over winter maintenance of the Regional Roads in Municipalities Breza, Kakanj, Vareš and Visoko.
  • Preliminary Designs: Traffic Plateau within Military Base; professional – technical supervision over works execution on construction of 3 halls/workshops and plateau.